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Failure to Enroll Problems Another significant factor, too often overlooked, is failure to enroll. Figure 1: Time needed to verify fingerprints in UK Passport Service study. [From [21], reprinted by permission.] The UK Passport Service study also measured the speed of enrollment. With a biometric access control system, the user first enrolls in a system or service and provides a biometric sample, such as a fingerprint. If you recall, this study used a 10-finger slap method of enrollment (4 left fingers, left thumb, 4 right fingers, right thumb). Source

Presentation at the CESG/BWG Government Biometrics Workshop, London. The methods that are the most accurate, such as iris and retina recognition, tend to be the least usable. When this was done the accuracy increased to TAR=99.7% when FAR=0.01%. FRR or False Rejection Rate is the probability that the system incorrectly rejects access to an authorized person, due to failing to match the biometric input with a template. http://www.securitymagazine.com/articles/76455-biometrics-and-error-rates-1

Crossover Error Rate Biometrics

False Rejection Rate (FRR) / False Non-Match Rate (FNMR): this measure represents the frequency of cases when biometric information is not matched against any records in a database when it should It is the fact that an individual's biometric data does not change over time: the pattern in your iris, retina or palm vein remain the same throughout your life. This study found that it took an average of 1 minute and 13 seconds to perform the verification task, and disabled users were understandably slower (1 minute, 20 seconds). Sasse, M.A. (2004).

However, if a biometric device (or any other access control method) does not consistently recognize and allow entry to authorized people, it won't remain on the door for very long. This is usually due to the particular biometric technology being unable to read the characteristics of a given person for various reasons. Julian Ashbourn has described 12 user characteristics that are influential in determining the eventual performance of a biometric system [1]. Issues With Biometric Authentication URL: http://www.biosec.org/documents/2WS/03_UCOL_usability.pdf 3.

Many of the people, however, required multiple attempts before they were enrolled successfully (28.97% for normal participants, 43.83% for disabled participants.) Some of the failures to enroll were due to false Problem With Biometrics So by contrast, the number of false attempts by unauthorized persons during the same week would be considerably lower in all cases. Please try the request again. http://www.griaulebiometrics.com/en-us/book/understanding-biometrics/evaluation/accuracy/error-rates The FER is often an important, but overlooked, measure for determining the final business success of a biometric system because high FER rates will necessitate non-biometric alternatives so that people can

Your cache administrator is webmaster. Problems With Fingerprint Biometrics Later research has confirmed these concerns. Some developers also combine biometric and traditional authentication systems so that users have to provide a secret, such as a password, along with the biometric characteristic to prove identity. Coventry, L. (2004).

  • Tampering with the biometric feature representation: The features extracted from the input signal are replaced with a fraudulent feature set.
  • UK Government Biometrics Working Group (BWG). (2003).
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  • These factors are used to reduce the estimates of biometric performance when it is likely that there are human usability and acceptance issues.
  • Another recent test of biometric performance was reported in 2005 by the UK Passport office [21].
  • Global biometric developments and challenges.
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  • On the other hand, Americans were somewhat more supportive of biometrics being used for commercial purposes (e.g., 28% versus 18% for use in loyalty cards).
  • URL: http://news.zdnet.co.uk/story/0,,t269-s2129590,00.html (accessed May 9, 2003). 24.
  • Other populations, such as manual laborers, may also have problems presenting usable fingerprints.

Problem With Biometrics

Corrupting the matcher: The matcher is attacked and corrupted so that it produces pre-selected match scores. http://www.andrewpatrick.ca/essays/fingerprint-concerns-performance-usability-and-acceptance-of-fingerprint-biometric-systems/ Certain technologies are extremely well-suited and thoroughly proven in access control applications. Crossover Error Rate Biometrics View All Submit An Event Poll In which sector of the security industry do you foresee the most growth in the near future? Equal Error Rate Roc Access control View Results Poll Archive Products Effective Security Management, 5th Edition Effective Security Management, 5e,teaches practicing security professionals how to build their careers by mastering the fundamentals of good management.

Recent history has shown that security problems can arise in many situations, and often the consequences can be serious. Walk up to machine 2. The UK Biometrics Working Group [20] has suggested a scheme for understanding relative biometric accuracy rates that is shown in Table 1. Some of the false rejection cases (3.75%) were caused by failures to acquire good fingerprint images at the time of verification, even though these people were enrolled successfully moments earlier. Crossover Error Rate Calculation

The likely factor that explains the discrepancy in acceptance is context, meaning the identity, place, time, and activity that is associated with using the biometric system. On the contrary the False Non matching Error Rate (FNMR) measures the rate of actual genuine comparisons that are erroneously considered impostors. Presentation to the Second BioSec Workshop, Brussels, Jan 19-20. have a peek here Then, during the testing out of the 95 users, 10 users were rejected when the system match their fingerprint against their enrollment fingerprint template.

So, if a user’s fingerprint falls into the wrong hands, which can be easily done by copying the fingerprints left on hard surfaces, a false finger can be created and a Fingerprint Biometrics Advantages And Disadvantages Register with Tractica Sign up to receive free newsletters, research updates, and other analyst content from Tractica. USABILITY AND ACCEPTANCE ISSUES The analysis above demonstrates that the performance of biometric systems will have a large effect on any business success of a deployment.

Transforming the ‘weakest link': A human/computer interaction approach to usable and effective security.

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Tan, B., & Schuckers, S. (2006). breakfast availability in Japan? Would this be considered as plagiarism? http://contactmailsupport.com/error-rate/biometric-authentication-error-rates.php Developers attempt to minimize this measure.

Paper presented at the DIMACS Workshop on Usable Privacy and Security Software, July 7 - 8, Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ. Bill Spence of Recognition Systems division of IR Security & Safety is author of this special report. Please try the request again. There was a wide range of times needed to do the verification and the results are heavily skewed, as is seen in Figure 1.

So, for example, a fingerprint might be combined with an iris scan. URL: http://fingerprint.nist.gov/SDK. 23. Failures to acquire are also important determinants of the final success of a biometric system, but they are often overlooked when discussing biometric accuracy. The participants in the study included a “quota” sample representative of the UK population (2,000), an “opportunistic” sample of people recruited at the testing sites (7,266), and a sample of disabled

Users do not understand, and the interfaces don’t explain, how fingerprint templates are created, stored, and secured. a. Aadhaar)0Remote Biometric Authentication using mobile phones2Accuracy of Iris Biometric Authentication Hot Network Questions Why does WordPress have private functions? This means that there would a large difference between the successes of the biometric information in the field versus any laboratory-based predictions of effectiveness.

Figure 2: Time needed for fingerprint enrollment in UK Passport Service study. [From [21], reprinted by permission.] In a more recent study, NIST examined the time needed to use a 10-print When they wish to access the system, they must provide a valid username and correct password before they are given access. Why is engine displacement frequently a few CCs below an exact number? Fingerprint authentication: The user experience.

In the case of matching algorithm we have two important error rates: The False Matching Error Rate (FMR) measures the rate of actual impostor comparisons that are erroneously considered genuines. Special populations who are living with physical and mental challenges may also have problems using biometric systems.