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Motherboard specificatio Page 182 B-63005EN/02 2. STAND-ALONE TYPE i SERIES HARDWARELED status transition at power-upLED statuses O: Off •: On A: Blink A: Don’t careNo.LED display (L1 to L4) Page 346 B-63005EN/02 3. Mazak wants the entire chassis, because the battery is on another card, and all they are going to do is replace the battery and reinitialize it. STAND-ALONE TYPE i SERIES HARDWAREHandle CWith a hook on the left sideHandle D345 Page 371 3.

LCD-MOUNTED TYPE i SERIES HARDWARE• LED indicationAlarm LED (red) indication at system alarm occurrenceAlarm: 1 2 3Cause□□□Usual operati Page 239 2. STAND-ALONE TYPE i SERIES HARDWARE B-63005EN/023.2.2Series 18/7180/Sub-CPU board(*2)Main CPU boardSub-CPU for two-path control• 2-axis to 6-axis control• Page 324 B-63005EN/02 3. Page 25 B-63005EN/02 TABLE OF CONTENTSF. 4OTHER SCREENS .............................................................. 777F.4.1 CNC Alarm Screen........................ LCD-MOUNTED TYPE i SERIES HARDWARE1) Unplug the connectors for the fans and memory backup battery fromthe top of the CNC unit, then remove the y Page 291 2.

MATTERS COMMON TO BOTH LCD-MOUNTED TYPEAND STAND-ALONE TYPE i SERIES (HARDWARE)LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY (LCD)Brightness of the monochrome LCDWhen t Page 396 B-63005EN/024. Press theSYSTEMkey to display a system screen such as aparameter.2. LCD-MOUNTED TYPE i SERIES HARDWARE3)-6 For the 12.1" LCD (color)Two backlights are provided on the rear of the LCD unit, the first at the top an Page 315 2. LCD-MOUNTED TYPE i SERIES HARDWARE B-63005EN/022.4.14DeviceNet Interface BoardNameSpecificationDeviceNet interface boardA20B-8100-0880NOTEThe DeviceNet board Page 270 B-63005EN/02 2.

LCD-MOUNTED TYPE i SERIES HARDWARENo.NameSpecificationFunctionRemarks(2)PC cardA15L-0001-0052#4APC function486DX4A02B-0236-C261PentiumA02B-0207- Page 205 2. STAND-ALONE TYPE / SERIES HARDWARE Page 342 B-63005EN/02 3. STAND-ALONE TYPE i SERIES HARDWARE B-63005EN/02TOTAL CONNECTION DIAGRAMS300 Page 326 B-63005EN/02 3. The motherboard may be faulty.

DISPLAY AND OPERATION9 Page 35 1. Called Mazak, they emailed an LED troubleshooting guide for the PCBs, which told us that the MC116 card was faulty. All rights reserved. See Section 4.2 forexplanations about how to remove.Mounting proce Page 296 B-63005EN/02 2.

DISPLAY AND OPERATION B-63005EN/028 Page 34 B-63005EN/02 1. LCD-MOUNTED TYPE i SERIES HARDWARELED indication (STATUS) at error occurrenceThe STATUS LEDs repeat LONG and SHORT patterns. LCD-MOUNTED TYPE i SERIES HARDWARE B-63005EN/023. Register for the worlds largest manufacturing technology forum for free today to stay in the know.

  1. Press the [LIGHT] or [DARK] operation soft key to change theluminance of the selected color element.• Storing colors ( Page 143 1.
  2. LCD-MOUNTED TYPE i SERIES HARDWARE B-63005EN/02• LED indication170 Page 196 B-63005EN/02 2.
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See Section 4.2 for explanations about howto remove.Mounting procedureFP cable spec Page 300 B-63005EN/02 2. LCD-MOUNTED TYPE i SERIES HARDWARE B-63005EN/02Removing procedure1. STAND-ALONE TYPE i SERIES HARDWARENo.ItemCodeFunctionRemarks(1)DRAM moduleA20B-3900-0042System RAM4MBItemCodeHSSB interface boardA20B-8001-0730M Page 349 3. DISPLAY AND OPERATION#7 #6#5#4#3#2#1#0G115OOOOOOOOG116*-L8*-L7*-L6*-L5*-L4*-L3*-L2*-L1G117OOOOOOOOG118*+ED8*+ED7*+ED6*+ED5*+ED4*+ED3*+ED2*+ED1G1 Page 67 1.

DISPLAY AND OPERATIONWhen the Power Motion series is used as an additional axis (slave) of the CNC, the power motion manager allows the slave da Page 147 1. LCD-MOUNTED TYPE i SERIES HARDWARE• Connector location(1)PMC-RE boardJNAF-BUS backplane connector□CP8BJD1A2 JD38BJD38A JD6A(2) C boardJNAF-B Page 235 2. LCD-MOUNTED TYPE i SERIES HARDWARE B-63005EN/022. DISPLAY AND OPERATION B-63005EN/02• Output format In the servo alarm format, the header, date and time, selected axes, andwaveform diagnosis data are outpu Page 120 B-63005EN/02 1.

Do you have all the parameters of the machine? DISPLAY AND OPERATIONOFFSET/SETTING SCREEN (T series)'1 Soft key tran function keysitioOFFSETSETTINGn triggered by the1_1/2Tool offset screen[OF Page 39 1. LCD-MOUNTED TYPE i SERIES HARDWARE B-63005EN/02ModelNameDrawing numberRemarks210is with PC functions10.4" high-intensity color basic unit withtouch panelNo s Page 280 B-63005EN/02 2. DISPLAY AND OPERATION1.6.4Inputting and Outputting theOperation History DataRecorded data can be output to Page 73 1.

Home Fanuc Yasnac / Yaskawa Mitsubishi CNC Training Books Search (sites) Home » Fanuc alarm: 975 - BUS ERROR Fanuc CNC Machine Alarms / Error Codes Fanuc 0/00/0-mate Fanuc 0i Fanuc DISPLAY AND OPERATION B-63005EN/02#7 #6#5#4#3#2#1#0G1116*-L8*-L7*-L6*-L5*-L4*-L3*-L2*-L1G1117OOOOOOOOG1118*+ED8*+ED7*+ED6*+ED5*+ED4*+ED3*+ED2*+ED1G1119OOOOOO Page 72 B-63005EN/02 1. Page 23 B-63005EN/02 TABLE OF CONTENTS9.13 ALARM 300 (V READY OFF)..................................................... 6059.14 ALARM 404 (V READY ON) .................


STAND-ALONE TYPE i SERIES HARDWARE B-63005EN/023.4.4C Board, Serial Communication Board• SpecificationsItemCodeC boardA20B-8100-0330Serial communication bo Page 348 B-63005EN/02 3. DISPLAY AND OPERATION B-63005EN/021. DISPLAY AND OPERATION B-63005EN/026) MDI/soft key of path 2T54P0 to 1H**P0: UsuallyP1: At power-onH **: KCB code (See the following table.)7) Signal of path Page 77 Page 78 B-63005EN/02 1. LCD-MOUNTED TYPE i SERIES HARDWAREHEAT GENERATED IN EACH UNITUnitAmount of generatedheatRemarksControl unitNo option slot33W(NOTE 1)2 option slo Page 317 2.

DISPLAY AND OPERATION B-63005EN/022/2(1)14 Page 40 Page 41 1. LCD-MOUNTED TYPE i SERIES HARDWAREMOUNTING AND REPLACINGTHE PC CARD(MMX PENTIUM)WARNINGThis replacement task shall be performed by those who hav Page 293 2. Main Page Forums New Posts FAQ Calendar Link to us Forum Actions Mark Forums Read Quick Links Today's Posts View Site Leaders Who's Online Downloads Forum Pictures Forum Images Albums Today's We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.